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/Second Day of Medlab Middle East 2024
Second Day of Medlab Middle East 2024
February 06, 2024

On the second day of the Medlab Middle East 2024 exhibition, Norman continued to demonstrate its leadership and innovation in the medical industry, attracting considerable attention from attendees.

In addition to the NORMAN-CL211 fully automated chemiluminescence analyzer, Norman also showcased a range of immunofluorescence analyzers, including the FI-1000, FI-1000B, and FI-1200. Serving as point-of-care testing (POCT) devices, these analyzers are capable of meeting the diverse testing needs across various settings, garnering significant interest from healthcare professionals and industry representatives.

The immunofluorescence analyzers offer rapid and accurate testing capabilities for diagnosing and monitoring various diseases. Representatives from Norman provided live demonstrations of the operation and performance of these analyzers, attracting a crowd of interested viewers and inquiries. Attendees showed keen interest in the potential applications of these POCT devices in medical practice and engaged in active discussions and interactions with Norman representatives.

Norman's presence at the exhibition further underscores the company's leadership and innovation in the field of medical technology. By showcasing a diverse range of medical solutions, Norman provides healthcare professionals with more options and possibilities for medical diagnosis and treatment.

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