A chemiluminescence company that develops magnetic beads, antigen and antibody materials
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As an innovative company specialized in medical diagnostic products, Nanjing Norman Biological Technology Co.,Ltd was launched in 2008. On the basis of independent development,Norman has established and improved its own self R&D platform in the spectrum of material,reagents and equipment which could be verdict as a comprehensive technical platform.

Norman independently produce the core materials and equipment in the industry chain,breaking the bottleneck in the industry ,in as to ensure the high quality products characterized by sound repeatability and low tolerance in different batches and within the batches.

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TUV certification

In 27th February,2020 Norman has been entitled with Authorization of the utilization of  Laboratory Use Animal.

Norman Animal room has double floors and its scale reaches 472m2. Notwithstanding the capacity, Norman Animal room has been approved to fulfill the selection criteria of SPF(Special Pathogan Free)

SPF Level animal roomauthorized animal roomanimal room laboratory use

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