A chemiluminescence company that develops magnetic beads, antigen and antibody materials

Nanjing Norman Biological Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 and is located in Jiangbei New District, Nanjing. It is one of the few domestic in vitro diagnostic companies that have the ability to develop, produce and sell antigen antibodies, reagents, instruments and etc. The company's plant covers an area of more than 300 acres, with a building area of 30515.7 square meters,and meanwhile has several 100,000-level GMP clean production areas. Over the years, with R&D innovation as the core driving force of the company, and after long-term accumulation and precipitation, it has become a leading enterprise in the domestic IVD industry

Over the years, with R&D innovation as the core driving force of the company, after long-term accumulation and precipitation, Norman has become a leading enterprise in the domestic immunodiagnostic industry. Now the company has more than 110 independent intellectual property rights, among which 25 patents are invention patents( including 2 international patents)


Norman attaches great importance to the construction and training of R&D teams. R&D team consists of more than 100 people, of which more than 40% are graduate students, and more than 10 PhDs from well-known universities at home and abroad. Norman has cumulatively completed the R&D and production of more than 100 recombinant and natural proteins.


Norman is one of the few domestic companies that have independent experimental animal centers, constructing a 472 square meters SPF-level experimental animal building, which can provide plentiful and high-quality antibody raw materials and source guarantees for the continuous launch of high-quality products.


Standardized product quality control process, design, development and production are in strict accordance with national and industry standards to ensure product safety,effectiveness and reliability.The company's production workshop carries out quality control from the source and origin of materials , bringing in automatic inner packaging material cleaning line to clean the inner packaging materials used in the products. And Norman also brings in a large number of automatic equipments for production, and for the reagent pretreatment part.The automatic liquid dispensing system is used for the preparation of reagents. The introduction of automatic film sticking machine, automatic film marking machine, and automatic gold spraying machine realizes fully automatic production, and effectively guarantees the timely delivery of large quantities of goods.


Norman has been working hard to "provide a complete solution for the promotion of human health" as its mission, pushing forward the development of the in vitro diagnostic industry, and making more contributions to human health.

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TUV certification

In 27th February,2020 Norman has been entitled with Authorization of the utilization of  Laboratory Use Animal.

Norman Animal room has double floors and its scale reaches 472m2. Notwithstanding the capacity, Norman Animal room has been approved to fulfill the selection criteria of SPF(Special Pathogan Free)

SPF Level animal roomauthorized animal roomanimal room laboratory use

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