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Automatic Chemiluminescence Analyzer

Norman-CL211 chemiluminescent immunoassay analyzer is fully automated. It has a high degree of accuracy and maintain a high testing speed with large test menu. As a new type of CLIA analyzer, Norman-CL211 has a first report time of 7 minutes, making the interface more convenient for end users to operate.

High-speed Chemiluminescence Assembly Line

NRM-411 High-throughput Chemiluminescence Analyzer

NORMAN OPEN Integrated System

Automatic testing of blood routine and immunoassay with one blood sample

Automatic Chemiluminescence Analyzer

Multiple combinations according to testing demand

Automatic Chemiluminescence Analyzer

Free combination, intelligent connection

Immunofluorescence POCT Analyzer

Optimum Choice for medium hospital and laboratories use

Immunofluorescence quantitative analyzer

12 Channel Immunofluroscence Analyzer

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About Norman
Nanjing Norman Biological Technology Co., LTD. is located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. The company was founded in 2008 and has more than 16 years of history in CLIA technology development. Currently, the company has more than 500 employees, of which the proportion of R&D personnel is more than 30%. It has been certificated as a national high-tech enterprise by the Ministry of Science and Technology and national specialized & sophisticated enterprise by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.   Our business covers R&D, production and sales of IVD raw materials, IVD reagents and analyzers. At the end of 2023, the company has authorized over 140 intellectual property rights.   IVD raw materials: We can independently develop and produce antigens, antibodies, magnetic beads and other products, and have an SPF-grade animal experiment center.   IVD analyzers: We have launched 11 immunodiagnostic analyzers and 3 integrated CLIA systems. In 2017, we made the first global release of our rapid CLIA system, which analyzes samples and delivers results in less than 7 minutes. Because it saves diagnostic time for patients, the rapid CLIA system is widely used in outpatient clinics, emergency departments and chest pain centers. To further improve diagnostic efficiency, we have developed whole blood and peripheral blood testing reagents that allow the laboratory technician to test directly on our rapid CLIA system without the need to process the sample, further shortening the diagnostic process and time.   IVD reagents: The company has built 3000 square meters of GMP grade reagent production workshop, the diagnostic reagents produced cover inflammation, thyroid, cardiovascular, sex hormone, tumor, infection disease, autoimmune, anemia, growth, bone metabolism, cytokine, hypertension, diabetes, coagulation, never damage, kidney, hepatic fibrosis and drug monitoring, etc.   Market coverage: In the domestic market, the company cooperates with 80% of the tertiary hospitals in the city of Nanjing and 50% of the tertiary hospitals in Jiangsu province, where the headquarter is located, the number of tertiary hospitals it cooperates with in China has reached 700. In overseas markets, we have a presence in Asia, Europe and South America, with business in more than 20 countries.
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