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NRM 411-S7

Initial Report Time within 7minutes whole blood

Immunofluorescence POCT Analyzer

Optimum Choice for medium hospital and laboratories use

Immunofluorescence quantitative analyzer

12 Channel Immunofluroscence Analyzer

High-speed Chemiluminescence Assembly Line

High-speed chemiluminescence analyzer of smallest foot-print

About Norman
Nanjing Norman Biological technology Co., Ltd. ("Normanbio") is located in Biotech and Pharmaceutical Valley (Nanjing, China), founded in 2008. As the only member of the National Medical Clinical Laboratory and In Vitro Diagnostic System Standardization Technical Committee (TC136) in Nanjing, Normanbio is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, production, sales and service of in vitro diagnostic products. The company's business covers immunodiagnosis, molecular diagnosis and other fields. Under the technical advantages of core raw materials, the company has become a specialized and sophisticated enterprise that produce new and unique IVD products. By gradually building product recognition, brand influence, and international competitiveness, Normanbio has become a leader in the industry. The company has successively won the "National Little Giants", "Jiangsu Engineering Technology Center", "Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center", "Jiangsu Science and Technology Progress Award", "China Patent Award", "Nanjing Cultivation Independent Horned Beast" and other honors. Outpatient and emergency field of medical institutions: Normanbio has focused on the clinical research of outpatient and emergency inspections for many years. The products are fast, easy and accurate, and have been fully practiced in the outpatient and emergency inspection scenarios. Immunodiagnostic products: The Norman orbital small automatic chemiluminescence analyzers have the world's original 7-minute rapid chemiluminescence detection technology, PCT (procalcitonin) European and American patents, 10 microliter peripheral blood detection technology, and nearly 100 kinds of reagents for outpatient and emergency inflammation, chest pain, myocardial infarction, heart failure, acute abdomen, gynecological diagnosis, etc. It makes Norman take the lead in the field of outpatient and emergency testing, and the coverage rate of domestic first-class hospitals reaches more than 20%. Molecular diagnostic products: The Norman molecular POCT products adopt advanced extraction-free technology, which can complete the detection of samples within 30 minutes. Compared with traditional QPCR, it is fast, easy to use and accurate. It can fully meet the detection requirements of outpatient and emergency departments. Self-test field: Based on the innovative microfluidic molecular diagnostic technology, Norman self-test products can realize self-test of human or pet infectious diseases, such as new crown, influenza A and B, syncytial virus, rotavirus, norovirus, AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhea, etc. Through extraction-free technology, the product can be quickly detected and diagnosed, which can reduce the impact of infectious diseases on people's daily life and social economy. Biological material field: The company has a 472㎡ SPF-level experimental animal building, and has obtained the "Experimental Animal License" from the Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province. The company's raw material projects include antigens, antibodies, magnetic beads, key enzymes for molecular diagnosis, Taq DNA polymerase, T7 RNA polymerase, vaccinia virus capping enzyme, etc., which lay a solid foundation for the company's product development and layout, and form a the series of localized products with its own intellectual property rights. The company continues to expand overseas markets. It has more than 180 products have successively obtained EU CE certificates, and some products have passed US FDA certification, Australia EUA certification, etc. Products include a professional version and a self-test version. They covering multiple mainstream diagnostic fields such as infection, cardiovascular, tumor, thyroid, glucose metabolism, and renal function. Products have been exported to America, Australia, Central Europe, Northern Europe, South Asia, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and other countries and regions. The product quality has been favored and recognized by customers all over the world. Norman Bio insists that "R&D determines the future, and focus determines success". Since its establishment, the company has always insisted on a high proportion of research and development investment. The company currently has more than 250 R&D and technical teams, which includes nearly 50 R&D team members with master and doctoral degrees. The company has authorized 141 patents, including 2 international invention patents, 20 domestic invention patents, 90 utility model patents, 19 appearance patents, and 10 software works. Normanbio upholds the core value of "customer first". The company takes "providing richer and more complete inspection solutions for human health" as its own responsibility, takes talents as its foundation, takes technological innovation as its vitality, and relies on the capital market to build the "Norman Biological" brand and seek a century-old f...
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