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Norman Annual Review
January 01, 2021

2020 was a special year.

It’s been a year of ups and downs,

It’s also a year of love and hope.

Review this year,

Norman renewed history again and again,

Achieved breakthroughs,

Amidst difficulties and setbacks, Norman was searching solutions

Amidst flowers and applause, Norman has gained persistence and affirmation...

On the first day of 2020, let's look back to Norman's extraordinary year——


Dedicated to “anti-epidemic”, and has been listed as a key enterprise of Jiangsu Province for the prevention and control of 2019-nCoV

At the beginning of the virus outbreak, Norman took the initiative to assume the social responsibilities by quickly establishing a special team to make voluntary donations for the epidemic area. meanwhile urgently engage in work from the Spring Festival holiday,deploying all the engineers to stand by at every time to ensure the normal use of hospital instruments. At the same time, Norman R&D team started the research and development of 2019-nCoV rapid test kit to provide necessary aid for the front-line clinical medical workers.

During the epidemic, Norman has donated  more than 15 million yuan in medical testing equipment and reagents for epidemic area.

Norman staff  have always been the strong backing of the national medical workers, fighting together with them to the final victory.


Obtained the “Experimental Animal License” from Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province,and established and experimental animal center:

Built a 472 SPF-class animal laboratory.The establishment of this center has realized the self-production of important raw materials--antigen and antibody, providing more efficient and reliable support for the quality of our products.


Export white list from ministry of commerce has been achieved for 2019-nCov Antibody test kit.

Two consecutive years won the honor of municipal“Gazelle Enterprise” .

Retaining his honor is  the badge of Norman’s innovation and growth rate.Norman will engage in and create new impetus  to accelerate Nanjing in building “Innovative City”.


Won the title of ”Nanjing Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise”,with more than hundreds of Intellectual property potent.



Procalcitonin (PCT) antibody was authorized by EU patent (Patent No.: 16820699.3)

Norman became the second company in the world to hold this invention patent after B·R·A·H·M·S.


Introduced strategic investment and improved shareholder structure.

Novel Coronavirus Antigen test kit Obtained White List Certification by the Medical Insurance Chamber of Commerce.


Entered the list of "Lingque Enterprise".

Norman is recognized as an innovative small and medium-sized enterprise with high growth potential and capable of driving regional economic development. It will receive priority support from the government to promote the innovative development of industrial technology and finance.

Passed the certification of enhanced secondary bio-safety laboratory

The completion of 125P2 laboratory signifies that Norman, as a high-tech enterprise, has a high-tech R&D platform, standardized laboratory management, and a safe operating environment, providing a guarantee for Norman to create more new products.

The 360-speed chemiluminescence instrument has been successfully developed, which has enabled Norman's products to have a more comprehensive and broad layout, and has provided more targeted solutions for end customers.


Obtained the provincial "High-tech Enterprise" certification

Obtained "Provincial Enterprise Technology Center" certification

Won the "Provincial Science and Technology Progress Third Prize"

The new GMP production base has passed the inspection and acceptance of the drug supervision

Procalcitonin (PCT) antibody was granted a US patent (Patent No. 15/728,480)

Shareholding reform has been completed

A new mansion has been built up, laying a solid foundation for Norman's development!

Never enchanted by past. Embrace future fearlessly!

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