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Medlab Middle East 2024
December 29, 2023

Norman Biotech to Unveil Revolutionary CLIA Analyzer at MEDLAB MIDDLE EAST 2024

Norman Biotech proudly announces its participation in the upcoming MEDLAB MIDDLE EAST exhibition from February 5th to 8th, 2024, in Dubai. Norman will be showcasing its latest innovation, the NORMAN-CL211 chemiluminescence analyzer, at Booth Z2.C19 during the event.

The NORMAN-CL211, a flagship product of Norman, has garnered widespread attention for its outstanding performance and cutting-edge technology. Notably, this chemiluminescence analyzer stands out for its remarkable speed, delivering test reports within a unique 7-minute timeframe, making it one of the fastest CLIA analyzers currently available. Furthermore, the NORMAN-CL211 is capable of providing test reports using whole blood within seven minutes, catering to urgent scenarios such as emergencies.

With applications extending to areas like cardiovascular diseases and inflammation, the NORMAN-CL211 has demonstrated significant success. Its high-speed and high-sensitivity detection capabilities make it an indispensable tool in medical laboratories, offering healthcare professionals quicker and more accurate diagnostic results.

Norman will showcase the comprehensive capabilities of the NORMAN-CL211 at the exhibition, inviting attendees to experience this innovative technology firsthand. We look forward to welcoming visitors to Booth Z2.C19, where we can collectively explore the latest advancements in In-vitro Diagnostics and contribute to the future of healthcare technology.

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