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Interleukin-6 Detection Kit

Mainly used for in vitro quantitative detection of interleukin 6 (IL-6) content in human serum, plasma, and whole blood

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Packing specifications
10 servings/box, 2x10 servings/box, 3x10 servings/box, 4x10 servings/box, 5×10 servings/box, 6x10 servings/box,
15 servings/box, 2x15 servings/box, 3x15 servings/box, 4x15 servings/box, 5×15 servings/box, 6x15 servings/box,
20 servings/box, 2x20 servings/box, 3x20 servings/box, 4x20 servings/box, 5×20 servings/box, 6x20 servings/box,
25 servings/box, 2x25 servings/box, 3x25 servings/box, 4x25 servings/box, 5×25 servings/box, 6x25 servings/box,
30 servings/box, 2x30 servings/box, 3x30 servings/box, 4x30 servings/box, 5×30 servings/box, 6x30 servings/box,
35 servings/box, 2x35 servings/box, 3x35 servings/box, 4x35 servings/box, 5×35 servings/box, 6x35 servings/box,
40 servings/box, 2x40 servings/box, 3x40 servings/box, 4x40 servings/box, 5×40 servings/box, 6x40 servings/box,
50 servings/box, 2x50 servings/box.

Expected usage

It is mainly used to quantitatively detect the content of interleukin 6 (IL-6) in human serum, plasma, and whole blood in vitro.
Interleukin 6 is an inflammatory factor, composed of 184 amino acid residues, with a relative molecular weight of about 26KD. IL-6 is mainly secreted by monocytes, macrophages, B cells, T cells, endothelial cells, fibroblasts, etc., and plays a biological role by binding to its receptors. Interleukin-6 is produced rapidly in the process of acute inflammation during internal and external injuries, surgery, stress response, infection, brain death, tumor production, and other situations. The concentration of interleukin 6 in surgical patients can indicate whether there will be surgical complications. Continuous monitoring of interleukin-6 levels in intensive care (ICU) patients can effectively assess the severity of systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS), sepsis and the prognosis of septic shock. Interleukin 6 can also be used as an early warning indicator of sepsis.
Commonly used interleukin 6 (IL-6) detection methods in clinical laboratories mainly include dry fluorescent immunoluminescence method and chemiluminescence method.

Principle of Inspection

This reagent uses immunofluorescence double antibody sandwich method to quantitatively detect the concentration of interleukin 6. Drop the sample to be tested into the sample hole of the test card. Under the action of chromatography, the sample reacts with the fluorescent latex coated with interleukin-6 monoclonal antibody I on the binding pad, and the reaction complex diffuses forward along the nitrocellulose membrane , Was captured by the interleukin-6 monoclonal antibody II coated on the nitrocellulose membrane detection line. The more interleukin 6 in the sample, the more complexes accumulated on the detection line. The intensity of the fluorescent antibody signal reflects the amount of interleukin 6 captured. The concentration of interleukin 6 in the sample can be determined with the appropriate equipment.

Product Performance Index
1. Appearance: the test strip is neat and complete
2. Physical properties: film strip width ≥2.5mm; moving speed ≥5mm/min
3. Accuracy: The relative deviation should not be greater than 20%
4. Minimum detection limit: should not be higher than 3 pg/mL
5. Linearity: (3-5000) pg/mL, within this linear range, the linear correlation coefficient r should not be less than 0.9900
6. Repeatability: CV≤15%
7. Difference between batches: CV≤20%

1. This product is a single-use in vitro diagnostic reagent, please do not reuse it, and do not use expired products.
2. Appropriate protective measures should be taken during the collection, disposal, storage, mixing and testing of samples.
3. Please do not open the product before use, and do not use obviously damaged kits or test cards.
4. The components of the kits of different batch numbers cannot be mixed.
5. The test card and its components are only applicable to related supporting instruments.
6. This kit is traceable to a commercial test kit. For more information, please consult the manufacturer.
7. You must follow the indicated test steps. Improper operation will lead to wrong results.
8. Do not insert the test card with the surface wetted by other liquids into the analyzer to avoid contamination and damage to the instrument. Please dispose of the used test card properly and don't throw it away randomly.
9. The temperature of the experimental environment should be avoided too high. The test card stored at low temperature needs to be restored to room temperature before opening it to avoid moisture absorption.
10. The test card and the tester should avoid vibration and electromagnetic environment during use. The vibration generated by the instrument itself is normal during normal use. Please do not pull out the calibration card during the test.
11. It is recommended to use fresh samples. All samples from patients should be treated as potential sources of infection, and all waste generated during the test must be disposed of in accordance with local regulations.
12. See the label for the production date and expiration date.

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