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/First Day of Medlab Middle East 2024
First Day of Medlab Middle East 2024
February 05, 2024
At the Medlab Middle East exhibition held in Dubai on February 5, 2024, Norman, a leading global manufacturer of medical equipment, showcased their latest fully automated chemiluminescence analyzer, the NORMAN-CL211. This highlight product attracted a large number of attendees and generated enthusiastic interest.

The distinctive feature of the NORMAN-CL211 lies in its rapid, automated whole blood testing capabilities. Compared to traditional testing methods, this instrument can complete whole blood testing and generate detailed reports in just 7 minutes. This technological innovation brings tremendous convenience to medical diagnosis and treatment, garnering widespread attention from healthcare professionals and relevant industries.

Norman's booth became a major highlight of the exhibition, drawing in numerous visitors eager to learn about their latest products. Attendees showed strong interest in the performance and capabilities of the NORMAN-CL211, expressing appreciation for its rapid and accurate testing abilities.

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