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/Conference Report: Norman biological technology at the 2024 Chinese academic conference on tumor biomarker
Conference Report: Norman biological technology at the 2024 Chinese academic conference on tumor biomarker
April 22, 2024

Chinese academic conference on tumor biomarker (CCTB) was successfully held in Nanjing from April 19th to April 21st, 2024 and Norman biological technology was invited to attend the conference.

The conference is organized by Tumor maker committee of Chinese anti-cancer association and Nanjing Medical University. Through all-round, multi-perspective, multi-disciplinary cross-fertilization to create 40+ theme forums and thematic activities, inviting nearly 20 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and 500 experts in medical research, enterprise, government and capital, of which 200 are national talents and scholars, focusing on displaying the latest and the highest level of research in the field, and creating opportunities for scholars attending the conference to communicate and learn.

List of Participating Academicians: Dong chen academician from West Lake University, Fan Daiming academician from Air Force Medical University, Gu Ning academician, Guo Zijian academician and Zhen Hairong academician from Nanjing University, Liu Peide academician from Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Ma Ding academician from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Shen Hongbing academician from Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Wang Guangji academician from China Pharmaceutical University, Wang Hongyang academician from National Center for Liver Cancer, Wang Xiaodong academician from National Institute of Biological Sciences, Yan Xiyun academician from Institute of Biophysics (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Yu Jinming academician from Shandong Cancer Hospital, Yu Jun academician from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Zhan Qiming academician from Peking University.

Norman Bio's exhibition at the conference also attracted a lot of attention. The fully automated immunoassay & hematology integrated system and tumor markers that we brought to the conference attracted a lot of attention during the conference.

Tumor markers Norman biological technology introduced at the conference:

Gynecological tumor markers: CEA/CA15-3/CA12-5/CA19-9/SCC/HE4

Gastric tumor markers: CEA/CA72-4/CA19-9/PGI/PGII/G-17

Lung Cancer markers: CEA/NSE/CYFRA21-1/ProGRP/SCC

Gastrointestinal tumour markers: CEA/CA724/CA199/CA242/PGI/PGII/G-17/SCC/AFP/PIVKAII

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