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  • C-reactive Protein (FR-CRP)
    【Product Name】 Full Range C-reactive Protein (FR-CRP) Test Kit (Immunofluorescence) 【Package specifications】 25 Tests /Box 【Storage and stability】 Sealed: The kit must be stored at 4-30℃, valid for 24 months. The sample diluent must be stored at 4-30℃, valid for 24 months. Opened: The cartridge must be used within 1 hour once its foil pouch is opened. The sample diluent is valid for 1 month once it is opened. 【Procedure】 Preparation Installation of the immunofluorescence quantitative analyzer and reagent strip incubator Please read the operator’s manual of the immunofluorescence quantitative analyzer and reagent strip incubator carefully before use. Calibration Card installation Each box contains a lot-specific Calibration Card to correct for lot-to-lot deviation. Turn on the power switch, according to the system self-test prompt, waiting for the instrument to display the main interface. press “Assay Management”. Insert the Calibration Card into the card slot following the direction of the arrow, then press “Read". Confirm the lot number of the Calibration Card with the reagent relevant information, then press "Ok". Press “Return” to the main interface. Cartridge needs to reach room temperature before opened. Test procedure Remove the cartridge (after reaching room temperature), draw in 10μL of whole blood or plasma to FR-CRP sample diluent. After gently mixing the sample, add 90μL of diluted whole blood or plasma into the sample well and incubate it for 5 minutes in the reagent strip incubator. After incubation insert the cartridge into the immunofluorescence quantitative analyzer using the cartridge arrows as a guide, and click start, then the instrument will scan the cartridge automatically.

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