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    Conference Report: Norman biological technology at the 2024 annual conference of Chinese Medical Doctor Association of Lab Medicine (CMDAL)

    Conference Report: Norman biological technology at the 2024 annual conference of Chinese Medical Doctor Association of Lab Medicine (CMDAL) The 2024 annual conference of CMDAL was held in Wuhan from 24 to 26 April 2024, which was hosted by the Chinese Medical Doctor Association and Chinese Medical Doctor Association of Lab Medicine. Norman biological technology was invited to participate in the conference and exhibited the company's latest technology and products. CMDAL is the most authoritative academic conference in the field of laboratory medicine in China, leading experts and scholars in the field of laboratory medicine from home and abroad participated in the conference, which featured key speakers including Wang Hongyang academician, Shang Hong academician, Ma Ding academician, Jia Weiping academician, Prof. Xie Xingyou, Prof. Roberto Verna, Prof. Octavia Peck-Palmer, Prof. Pan Baishen, Prof. Xiang Peng and Prof. Tomris Obzen. As an excellent enterprise in the field of laboratory medicine, Norman exhibited a number of innovative products and solutions, including NORMAN-CL211 rapid CLIA analyzer and integrated system NORMAN-OPEN, NRM-411 high-throughput CLIA analyzer and CLAS series integrated system, LIBER series total laboratory automation solutions, these products provide more accurate, efficient and convenient solutions for laboratory medicine. During the conference, the products exhibited by the NORMAN attracted a large number of experts and customers to consult, the company's marketing and technical personnel introduced the products to the visitors in detail and answered their questions about the product technology, clinical applications, maintenance and other aspects.  Norman's innovative technology, high-quality products and considerate service make visiting experts and customers a satisfying experience! Products Introduction 1. NRM-411 High-Throughput Chemiluminescence Analyzer 2. NORMAN-CL211 rapid CLIA analyzer 3. NORMAN OPEN Integrated System 4. CLAS-SERIES Integrated System 5. LIBER-SERIES Total Laboratory Automation Solutions

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    Conference Report: Norman biological technology at the 2024 Chinese academic conference on tumor biomarker

    Chinese academic conference on tumor biomarker (CCTB) was successfully held in Nanjing from April 19th to April 21st, 2024 and Norman biological technology was invited to attend the conference. The conference is organized by Tumor maker committee of Chinese anti-cancer association and Nanjing Medical University. Through all-round, multi-perspective, multi-disciplinary cross-fertilization to create 40+ theme forums and thematic activities, inviting nearly 20 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and 500 experts in medical research, enterprise, government and capital, of which 200 are national talents and scholars, focusing on displaying the latest and the highest level of research in the field, and creating opportunities for scholars attending the conference to communicate and learn. List of Participating Academicians: Dong chen academician from West Lake University, Fan Daiming academician from Air Force Medical University, Gu Ning academician, Guo Zijian academician and Zhen Hairong academician from Nanjing University, Liu Peide academician from Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Ma Ding academician from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Shen Hongbing academician from Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Wang Guangji academician from China Pharmaceutical University, Wang Hongyang academician from National Center for Liver Cancer, Wang Xiaodong academician from National Institute of Biological Sciences, Yan Xiyun academician from Institute of Biophysics (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Yu Jinming academician from Shandong Cancer Hospital, Yu Jun academician from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Zhan Qiming academician from Peking University. Norman Bio's exhibition at the conference also attracted a lot of attention. The fully automated immunoassay & hematology integrated system and tumor markers that we brought to the conference attracted a lot of attention during the conference. Tumor markers Norman biological technology introduced at the conference: Gynecological tumor markers: CEA/CA15-3/CA12-5/CA19-9/SCC/HE4 Gastric tumor markers: CEA/CA72-4/CA19-9/PGI/PGII/G-17 Lung Cancer markers: CEA/NSE/CYFRA21-1/ProGRP/SCC Gastrointestinal tumour markers: CEA/CA724/CA199/CA242/PGI/PGII/G-17/SCC/AFP/PIVKAII

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     Vientam Medipharm 2024

    Exciting News! Norman cordially invites you to visit the Vientam Medipharm 2024  Join us at Booth A.130-131 for the New Product Launch Conference! Discover Norman's total automated solutions for Immunoassays! Save your date and be part of this transformative event.  Time: 9 - 12, May 2024 Location: Soviet Professional Labor Cultural Palace See you at Hanoi, Vietnam! 

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    The 21st China Association of Clinical Laboratory Practice Expo

    Norman will be attending CACLP from March 16th to 18th, 2024, at the Yue Lai International Convention Center in Chongqing! We're excited to meet you at our booth N2-1325! Don't miss out on our product launch event on March 17th at 10:00 AM! Stay tuned for more excitement!

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    Norman Showcases Latest Fully Automated CLIA Analyzer at Medlab Middle East 2024

    Nanjing, February 18, 2024 - Nanjing Norman showcased its latest medical laboratory technology at the Medlab Middle East 2024 exhibition held in Dubai from February 5th to 8th. As one of the largest exhibitions in the industry, Medlab Middle East provided an international platform for Nanjing Norman to showcase its latest products and technologies. At this year's exhibition, Nanjing Norman highlighted its newly launched NORMAN-CL-211 fully automated chemiluminescence analyzer. This analyzer, designed as a desktop unit, features a compact size, rapid testing speed, and high throughput capacity. With the ability to detect over 100 different parameters, the unique design of the NORMAN-CL-211 attracted hundreds of overseas visitors for discussions and negotiations. In addition to the NORMAN-CL-211, Nanjing Norman also exhibited a range of POCT (Point-of-Care Testing) products including the NORMAN-FI-1000, FI-1000B, and FI-1200. These products integrate advanced technology and unique designs, suitable for various terminals and scenarios, meeting the complex and changing demands of overseas markets. During the exhibition, Nanjing Norman engaged in in-depth technical, market, and business exchanges with laboratory and diagnostic professionals from around the world, exploring the feasibility of Norman products in the Middle East region. Customers highly praised the technical advancement, project uniqueness, and application versatility of Norman products, laying a solid foundation for Nanjing Norman's development in international markets. As an international trade platform, Medlab Middle East provided an excellent opportunity for Nanjing Norman to showcase its latest technology and products. The company will continue to innovate, continuously improve product quality and service levels, meet the growing needs of customers, and make greater contributions to the development of the medical laboratory field.

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    First Day of Medlab Middle East 2024

    At the Medlab Middle East exhibition held in Dubai on February 5, 2024, Norman, a leading global manufacturer of medical equipment, showcased their latest fully automated chemiluminescence analyzer, the NORMAN-CL211. This highlight product attracted a large number of attendees and generated enthusiastic interest. The distinctive feature of the NORMAN-CL211 lies in its rapid, automated whole blood testing capabilities. Compared to traditional testing methods, this instrument can complete whole blood testing and generate detailed reports in just 7 minutes. This technological innovation brings tremendous convenience to medical diagnosis and treatment, garnering widespread attention from healthcare professionals and relevant industries. Norman's booth became a major highlight of the exhibition, drawing in numerous visitors eager to learn about their latest products. Attendees showed strong interest in the performance and capabilities of the NORMAN-CL211, expressing appreciation for its rapid and accurate testing abilities.

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    Medlab Middle East 2024

    Norman Biotech to Unveil Revolutionary CLIA Analyzer at MEDLAB MIDDLE EAST 2024 Norman Biotech proudly announces its participation in the upcoming MEDLAB MIDDLE EAST exhibition from February 5th to 8th, 2024, in Dubai. Norman will be showcasing its latest innovation, the NORMAN-CL211 chemiluminescence analyzer, at Booth Z2.C19 during the event. The NORMAN-CL211, a flagship product of Norman, has garnered widespread attention for its outstanding performance and cutting-edge technology. Notably, this chemiluminescence analyzer stands out for its remarkable speed, delivering test reports within a unique 7-minute timeframe, making it one of the fastest CLIA analyzers currently available. Furthermore, the NORMAN-CL211 is capable of providing test reports using whole blood within seven minutes, catering to urgent scenarios such as emergencies. With applications extending to areas like cardiovascular diseases and inflammation, the NORMAN-CL211 has demonstrated significant success. Its high-speed and high-sensitivity detection capabilities make it an indispensable tool in medical laboratories, offering healthcare professionals quicker and more accurate diagnostic results. Norman will showcase the comprehensive capabilities of the NORMAN-CL211 at the exhibition, inviting attendees to experience this innovative technology firsthand. We look forward to welcoming visitors to Booth Z2.C19, where we can collectively explore the latest advancements in In-vitro Diagnostics and contribute to the future of healthcare technology.

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    2023 Medlab Middle  East

    【Exhibition Introduction】 The Arab International Medical Laboratory Instrument and Equipment Exhibition is the most well -known and professional exhibition and trade in the field of global medical laboratories and inspection equipment One of the tables. With the introduction of the UAE's "2021 Vision" and China's "Belt and Road" policy, more and more Chinese companies have seen their attention Invest in the Middle East. In recent years, Chinese companies have become an important part of MedLab. MEDLAB MIDDLE EAST Exhibition in 2022 At the meeting, more than 450 exhibitors from all over the world gathered together. During the exhibition, a total of more than 20,000 accurate medical fields ushered in. People and buyers come to visit. As one of the 13 national exhibition groups, a total of 80 exhibitors participated in offline physical exhibitions and exhibitions. The area exceeds 1,700 square meters. Form of the exhibition: online+offline Online exhibition time: January 11th-March 9, 2023 Physical exhibition time: February 6-9, 2023 Offline venue: Dubai, UAE Exhibition cycle: once a year Exhibition content: Production diagnosis, fast diagnosis, analyzer class, laboratory equipment, laboratory consumables, reagents, test tubes, vascular mining equipment, disinfection products and so on.

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