POCT Whole Blood Procalcitonin Rapid Test Kits

POCT Whole Blood Procalcitonin Rapid Test Kits

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Product origin :Jiangsu, China (Mainland)

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PCT procalcitonin rapid test with reagent medical diagnostic test kits
1. Convenient and accurate solution of bacterial infection;
2. Evaluation indicator of infection degree;
2. Guidance of antibiotics use.

PCT procalcitonin rapid test with reagent medical diagnostic test kits:

Procalcitonin Bacterial Infection Test

Methodology:Fluorescence Immunoassay

Fluorescent Immunoassays (FIA):                                      
Fluorescent Immunoassays are simply a different type of immunoassay.

The key variable is the biochemical technique used for detecting the

binding of the "detection" antibody and the analyte molecule.

The advantages of a Fluorescent detection system:      

1. The advantages of a Fluorescent detection system have

been known for many years. 

2. These include higher sensitivity detection of the analyte, 

simplified reagents and simpler assay designs. 

3. Several breakthroughs have occurred over the past few years that have 

enabled the implementation of a fluorescent based immunoassay 

system at the point of care.

PCT show:                                                                       

Pct Point of Care Testing

Procalcitonin Point of Care Testing

Principle of the procedure:                                                    

1. The reagent is based on immunefluorescence sandwich assay to detect

PCT concentrations quantitatively. 

2. Using the pipette provided, drop sample into the sample well. During testing, 

specimen reacts with the particles coated with anti- monoclonal antibody I 

which has conjugated with fluorescent latex. The mixture migrates upward 

on the nitrocellulose membrane by capillary action to react with anti-PCT 

monoclonal antibody II on the test line. 

3. The intensity of fluorescent antibody signal reflects the amount of captured PCT. 

4. Immunefluorescence quantitative  analyzer produced by our company can 

detect the concentration of PCT in the sample.

Main components:                                                                     

1. Test kit contains: 25 test cards and an IC card

The test card is composed of plastic shell and test strip.

The main components of test strip: Sample pad, Whole blood pad, 

bonding pad, nitrocellulose membrane, absorbent paper, PVC base plate,

2.  dilution 1 bottle (3 ml/bottle): composed of phosphate, surface active agent, etc. PH=7.4±0.2.

Quality control:                                                                            

Using immunefluorescence quantitative analyzer and relevant X detection 

kit (immune-fluorescence techniques) to test quality control product, 

repeat 10 times, calculate average and CV. If CV≤15%, the average in the

scale of quality control product, then the instrument and reagent performance 

can meet requirements.

Procalcitonin Bacterial Infection Test

Expected values/Reference range:                                      

The reference range study was conducted based on PCT content of 95% of the 

distribution range of statistical analysis in 120 healthy people,the result was as

follows:Normal reference values:<0.05ng/ml.

It is recommended that each laboratory established its own reference range, 

which may be unique to the population it serves depending upon geographical, 

patient, dietary, or environmental factors.

Inflammation/Infection:PCT(whole blood), PCT (surum),  hs-CRP

Cardiovascular: NT-proBNP, D-Dimer cTnI,CK-MB, MYO

Nephropathy: NAGL, RBP,Cys-c, mAlb, B2-MG

Gastrosis: PGⅠ/ PGⅡ/ PGR/ HP/ FOB

Rheumatism: RF

Diabetes: C-Peptide 

R&D depart:                                                                                  

Pct Point of Care Testing

Company news:

NPC Standing Committee, deputy director of the NPC education

In afternoon of April 1st, deputy director of the NPC education, science, culture

and public health committee, vice chairman of public interest party Mr Yixin 

inspect our company, accompanied by secretary of the high-tech Development 

Zone Mr Zhang Jianhua and persons in charge of high-tech district office, 

bureau of science and technology, bio medicine valley.

Chairman Yan visited Norman's R & D center with interest, the president and 

R & D department manager introduced the research and development process

in detail to chairman Yan. Norman's abundant R&D ability and rigorous, 

dedicated spirit was high recognized and praised by  chairman Yan and other

leaders of high-tech Development Zone.

Procalcitonin Point of Care Testing

Chairman yan showed high interest in our new upcoming automated chemical 

luminescence analyzer, hopes us to bring this product to market as soon as possible,

provide convenient and quick detection for more patients and independently research

and development more and better products, realize the China manufacture 2025.

Procalcitonin Bacterial Infection Test

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