Kidney Function Quantitative Rapid Test Kits for Cystatin C

Kidney Function Quantitative Rapid Test Kits for Cystatin C

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Quantitative IVD Rapid Test Kits For Cys-C
Methodology: Fluorescence Immunoassay
1. One of optimal indicator to reflect the impaired glomerular filtration function .
2. Optimal endogenous indicator for GFR evaluation.
3. Metabolic Characteristics.

Quantitative IVD Rapid Test Kits For Cys-C:

Methodology:  Fluorescence Immunoassay


1. One of optimal indicator to reflect the impaired glomerular filtration function .

2. Optimal endogenous indicator for GFR evaluation.

3. Metabolic Characteristics.

4. Constant production rate. not affected by age, sex and nutritional status.

5. Freely pass through glomerular filtration, no secretion from tubular.

6. Completely absorbed in proximal tubule.

7. Completely degraded after being absorbed, no longer enter the loop.

Product Name:                                                                                               

General Name: Cys-C Test Kit(Immunofluorescence)


Test card: Aluminum foil pouch 1pc/bag, desiccant

Package size: 25pcs/box

Intended use:                                                                                                  

The test kit is primarily for the in vitro quantitative determination of Cys-C content in human blood serum. Cys-C is a kind of good endogenous marker which reflects the changes of GFR. The change of Cys-C concentration is not affected by inflammation, infection, tumor and liver function. It doesn't relate to gender, muscle mass, diet, body surface area. Cys-C is used in the assessment of Diabetic nephropathy filtration function early renal injury, the early diagnosis of Hypertensive renal damage, the assessment of the recovery of renal function renal transplant patients, the monitoring of the change of renalpatients with hemodialysis, the assessment of old people's renal function, the diagnosis of children's renal diseases, the monitoring of renal function in tumor chemotherapy and so on.

Main components:                                                                                          

1. Test kit contains: 25 test cards and an IC card

The test card is composed of plastic shell and test strip.

The main components of test strip: Sample pad, bonding pad, nitrocellulose membrane, 

Anti-MIgG, absorbent paper, PVC base plate.

2.  Diluents (400μl×25 / 10ml×1 bottle): composed of phosphate, surface active agent, etc. 


Materials required (but not provided):

1. Timer

2. Centrifuge tube

3. Pipette

4. Disposable tips


1. High sensitivity:0.2mg/l;

2. High accuracy: 99% correlation with LEAMAN;

3. Wide linear range:0.2-10mg/l;

Storage And Stability:                                                                                     

1. The reagent box must be stored from 4 to 30ºC, and the period of validity is 12 months. 
2. The reagent strip must be used within 1 hour once its foil pouch has been opened.
3. Do not use the strip beyond the expiration date printed on the outside of the box.

Specimen Collection and Preparation:

1. The whole blood specimen is suggested to use EDTA as anticoagulant, and the specimen 
  is suggested to be tested within 4hours.
2. Precipitation is not allowed existing in under test blood plasma. If there is precipitation, must do centrifugal process first. Heat inactivated sample and hemolysis sample should be abandoned.
3. The specimens must be returned to room temperature before testing.

Quality Control:                                                                                               

Using immunefluorescence quantitative analyzer and relevant Cys-C detection kit (immune-fluorescence techniques) to test quality control product, repeat 10 times, calculate average and CV. If CV≤15%, the average in the scale of quality control product, then the instrument and reagent performance can meet requirements.

Clinical Significance:

1. As the indicator of renal injury, Cys-C is better than creatinine, urea nitrogen, etc. 
2. Sensitivity of Cys-C in serum detecting diabetic and nephropathy is better than micro proteinuria and relevant indicators.
3. Cys-C can distinguish glomerulus and renal tubular disease, it is the optimal indicator of early diabetic and hypertensive nephropathy.

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