Kidney Function Quantitative NAGL Test Kits

Kidney Function Quantitative NAGL Test Kits

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Diagnostic Test Kits For β2-MG Assay
The test kit is primarily for the in vitro quantitative determination of procalcitonin(β2-MG) content in human blood serum and urine.

Diagnostic Test Kits For β2-MG Assay:

Methodology:Fluorescence Immunoassay

Kidney Function Quantitative Ivd Rapid Test Kits

General Name:β2-MG Test Kit(Immunofluorescence)


1. Test card: Aluminum foil pouch 1pc/bag, desiccant

2. Package size: 25pcs/box

Intended use:

The test kit is primarily for the in vitro quantitative determination of procalcitonin(β2-MG) content in human blood serum and urine. As the composition of leucocyte antigen, β2-MG exists in all of the nucleated cells. β2-MG releases into blood little and continuously. It is filtrated completely in kidney and reabsorbed and degraded in kidney tubules. Its concentration is low and steady in blood serum of healthy people. The activity of immune system enhancing cause β2-MG release rate rises up, which makes serum concentration goes up. Therefore, β2-MG release rate in blood serum is a sensitive index which reflects the filtration ability of glomerulus. Kidney tubules injury can cause β2-MG concentration goes up, so it is a good way to determine β2-MG concentration in urine for diagnosing , tracking and evaluating tubular interstitial renal damage.

B2-MG Serum/urine specs:                                                     


Fluorescence Immunoassay



Measuring range


Cut-off value


Reaction time

15 minutes

Shelf life


Clinical Significance:                                                                  

Samplereference range (mg/L)

Serum: 1.01-2.97

Urine: 0.10-0.30

Product advantage:

1. Strong anti-interference ability

2. Different sample types: serum, urine

3. Wide test range:0.1-20mg/L

4. High sensitivity,

5. Good repeatability

6. Single sample test or batch test

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