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Stable Semi-Automated Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer

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Product name: Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer

Product model: NRM-CL-200

Model composition:NRM-CL-200

Precautions and security measures

1) This instrument uses a power cord with a ground terminal, pay attention to check that the power cord and plug are in good condition before use, and ensure that the ground is good.

2) Keep the instrument in a spacious position and do not place it in a position where it is difficult to disconnect the unit.

3) Before powering on, it is important to ensure that the power supply is the operating voltage that the instrument meets.

4) This product is intended for use only by specially trained operators and is recommended to follow the procedures given. If the instrument is not used in accordance with the instructions, the protection provided by the instrument may be compromised.

5) When dealing with potentially infectious reagents, rubber gloves must be worn to ensure safe use if possible contact with the skin.

6) This instrument must be used in a well-ventilated room and the surface must not cover anything.

7) Please read the instructions in the excitation package and be sure to connect the excitation 1 and excitation 2 correctly.

8) Before the start of the daily test, perform at least one fluid road cleaning and at least one substrate background test.

9) Because the standard curve parameters are different for different lot

number reagents, the reagent lot number must be consistent with the standard curve lot number when conducting the experiment.

10The sample tubes supporting the instrument are for one-time use only.

11All equipment repair must be operated by our designated technical staff, if the repair needs to replace parts, must use our company supplied parts.

12Equipment and excitations are packed and transported separately, without biological hazards. If the equipment is damaged in use or transportation, it cannot be switched on until repaired by a technician designated by our company.

13Self-dismantling of the instrument may result in leakage of harmful radiation and damage to the instrument. Radiation warning tips and symbol descriptions are described in Part 13.

14If the device is not in use for a long time, cut off the power supply and remove the excitations connected to the instrument.

15If the instrument does not work properly, refer to Part 10 and you will not be able to troubleshoot, please contact the supplier.

16The use of this instrument in a dry environment, especially in a dry environment where artificial materials (artificial fabrics, carpets, etc.) exist, may cause damaging electrostatic discharges, leading to incorrect conclusions.

17This instrument is designed and tested according to class A equipment in GB 4824. In a home environment, this instrument may cause radio interference and requires precautions.

The principle of the instrument

Chemical luminescence immunoassay consists of two parts, namely, immune response system and chemical luminescence analysis system. The chemical luminescence analysis system uses chemical luminescent substances by catalyst catalysis and oxidation of oxidants to form an excitation state intermediate, when this excitation intermediate returns to a stable base state, at the same time emits photons (hM), using luminous signal measurement instruments to measure the quantum yield of light. An immune response system is an enzyme that directly labels a luminescent substance (an excitation intermediate excited by a reactant) on an antigen (chemically luminous immunoassay) or an antibody (immunochemical luminescence analysis), or an enzyme acts on a luminescent substrate.

The chemical luminescence immunoassay is divided into two kinds by marking method: (1) chemical luminescent marker immunoassay, and (2) enzyme marker, chemical luminescence enzyme immunoassay with chemical luminescent substrate as signaling reagent.    

Chemical luminescent marker immunoassay, also known as chemical luminescent immunoassay (CLIA), is an immunoassay method that directly labels antigens or antibodies with chemical luminescent agents. The chemical luminescent substances commonly used for marking are pyridies, which are effective luminescent markers that glow by starting the action of luminescent reagents, and strong direct luminescence is completed in one second, for rapid flickering. As a marker for immunoassay, the chemical reaction is simple, fast and catalyst-free, the detection of small molecule antigens uses competition law, the principle of macromolecule resistance uses sandwich method, non-specific combination is less, the background is low, and the combination with macromolecules will not reduce the amount of light produced, thereby increasing sensitivity.

The core detector part of this instrument is a photomultipular multiplier tube (PMT), detected by a single photon and transmitted to the amplifier, and amplified by high voltage current, the amplifier converts the analog current into a digital current, which transmits the luminous signal from the R232 data cable to the computer and calculates it to obtain clinical results.

This instrument is a tube-type Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer, using chemical luminescent marker immunoassay to measure the content of antigens or antibodies to be measured in the sample.


Scope of application and intended use

Scope of application and intended use: special companion reagents, human serum, plasma, whole blood, urine samples through direct chemical luminescent immune reaction produced by photons for counting analysis processing, so as to quantify or qualitatively determine the relevant substances in the sample.


Parameter indicator

Power conditions: 220±22V50±1Hz

input power: 50VA

Spectral response range: 300650nm

Maximum linear count rate: 6X106s-1

Metering value repeatability: 2%

Metering value stability: 3


 Volume and weight

1Volume: 353mm×270mm×180mm。

2Weight: 9kg。

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