Procalcitonin Asssay Test Kits

Procalcitonin Asssay Test Kits

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PCT test rapid test For PCT (serum)
Methodology: Fluorescence Immunoassay
1. Convenient and accurate solution of bacterial infection.
2. Evaluation indicator of infection degree.
3. Guidance of antibiotics use.

PCT  test  rapid test For PCT (serum):

Methodology:  Fluorescence Immunoassay

procalcitonin test kits

1. High sensitivity,specificity

2. Simple operation
3. PCT-Quantitative Rapid Test kit

4. Cardiac markers rapid test

Product Name:General Name:PCT Test Kit(Immunofluorescence)


Test card: Aluminum foil pouch 1pc/bag, desiccant

Package size: 25pcs/box


Size: 15.5CM x 16.5CM x 7.5 CM/box

Intended use: 

The PCT-Quantitative Rapid Test (Whole Blood/Serum/Plasma) is used for quantitative in whole blood/serum/plasma specimens.



1. The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) assists applicants in seeking  patent protection 

internationally for their inventions, helps patent Offices with their patent granting 

decisions, and facilitates public access to a wealth of technical information relating to 

those inventions.  

2. By filing one international patent application under the PCT, applicants can simultaneously 

seek protection for an invention in 148 countries throughout the world.


Applicable department:                                                            

Pediatrics, ICU, emergency, respiration, surgery, ward, internal medicine, oncology, hematology.

Interpretation of test results  PCT concentration (ng/l) 

1. <0.1   Normal value 

2. <0.5 No or mild systemic inflammatory response. may be local inflammation or local 

infection.recommend to seek reason of infection or other causes of increased PCT  

3. 0.5-2 Moderate systemic inflammatory response ,there may be infection, may also 

be other cases,e.g. severe trauma, major surgery, cardiac shock,Recommend to find 

possible infection factors, if infection is found, recommendto review PCT after 6-24hrs.

4. 2-10 Probably for sepsis, severe sepsis or septic shock, with high risk of organ dysfunction. 

Recommend daily review of PCT, if PCT is sustained at high level (>4d),re consider

sepsis treatment plan, recommend daily PCT test to evaluate therapeutic effect

5. ≥10 Probably for sepsis, severe sepsis or septic shock, with high risk of organ 

dysfunction.Almost severe bacterial sepsis or septic shock, often accompanied 

by organ failure, with high risk of death.

Diagnosis and prognosis of sepsis:                                      

Measurement of procalcitonin can be used as a marker of severe sepsis caused by bacteria

and generally grades well with the degree of sepsis,although levels of procalcitonin in 

the blood are very low. PCT has the greatest sensitivity (85%) and specificity (91%) for

differentiating patients with systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) from those 

with sepsis, when compared with IL-2, IL-6, IL-8, CRP and TNF-alpha.Evidence is 

emerging that procalcitonin levels can reduce unnecessary antibiotic prescribing 

to people with lower respiratory tract infections.Currently, procalcitonin assays

are widely used in the clinical environment.

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procalcitonin lab test

crp rapid test

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