Pointcare Immunochromatography POCT Devices

Pointcare Immunochromatography POCT Devices

Brand :Norman

Product origin :Nanjing

Delivery time :Two weeks after payment

Supply capacity :1000 units/month

For POCT FIA (Fluorescence Immunoassay):
1. Extra incubator to provide Auto-incubating and Auto-alarm System.
2. Whole blood samples for both PCT and hs-CRP.
3. Analysis in 10 seconds, CV < 10%
4. Extra incubator to provide Simultaneous incubation of 8 samples.
5. Extra incubator to provide Isolated Incubation Environment to Eliminate Corruption.

Point of care testing Medical Rapid Test Device Immunoassay Analyzer:

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Main parameters:

fia8000 immunoassay analyzer

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NRM-FI-1000 Fluorescence Immunoassay Analyzer is a quantitative system which can accurately read and analyze the test results of the Fast Test Kits.  It can  perfectly help doctors  to diagnose  and  divide risk level of cardiovascular diseases,kidney disease,bacteria or virus indection,etc and then accordingly make treatment plans.

1. One incubator can incubate 8 samples simultaneous.
2. Incubators can be underlied together to imcubate more strips.
3. Constant incubation temperature:30ºC.
4. Automatically prompt after incubation , set up time from 5 to30 mins according to different assays.
5. Pipettor:minimum 5ul.
6. One dimensional code distinguishs reagents automatically (PCT,or CRP,or NT-proBNP,or not).
7. Testing times:10s.
8. Sample type: whole blood, serum, plasma and urine.
9.  Application: outpatient, emergency, Medical Center, cardiology department, etc.


Power condition  ~ 220v±22V 50HZ±1Hz
Input power         50VA
Volume      214mm×260mm×143mm


Certifications: Free Sales Certification/CE /SGS/ISO13485.

Test Cards:                                                                                                  

point of care testing companies

Inflammation/Infection:PCT(whole blood), PCT (serum),  hs-CRP

Cardiovascular:NT-proBNP, D-Dimer, cTnI,CK-MB, MYO, MYO/CK-MB/cTnI

Nephropathy: NAGL, Cys-c, mAlb, B2-MG

Gastrosis:PGI, PGII



Upcoming: Vitamin D, T3/T4/TSH, mALb, β-HCG, SAA, Ferritin

About us:                                                                                     

Nanjing Norman Biological Technology Co., Ltd is dedicated to R&D and manufacturing of automated chemiluminescence system.  Founded in  2008, Norman biological  has been  upholding the idea  that R&D shapes future,and concentration determines success.Ever since the beginning,Norman has been focusing on developing and manufacturing  chemiluminescence and  immunofluorescence  instruments and reagents.

Norman's manufacture center is located in the Yuhua District and owns an over 2,000m2GMPapproved clean workshop. The R&D base, which is over 2,000m2 , is located in state-level new  Jiangbei district. Now there are over 100 R&D engineers, 40% of which hold a PhD or master's degree.

Being an expert in automated chemiluminescence analysis ,Norman owns independent and completed intellectual property rights, and its products provide top-notch sensitivity,precision and accuracy.Thanks to the self-developed antigens and self-manufactured antibodies,Norman's products features minimized intra-and inter- batch difference.

After 8 years development, Norman is now on the fast track. An over 30,000m2 global R&D center is in construction,will hold more than1,000 R&D engineers in the future.R&D shapes future,and concentration determines success. Driven by the commitment to "provide complete solution to improve human health", Norman will consistently do its utmost to drive the IVD industry forward and contribute more to human health.

fia8000 immunoassay analyzer

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1. Manufacturer and Exporter for nearly 10 years with self R&D Research Center;

2. Professional After-Sale service with On-site support worldwide; 
3. CE/ISO13485/SGS/RoHS Certifications!

OEM and ODM are available !

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