Near Patient Test Device POC machine

Near Patient Test Device POC machine

Brand :Norman

Product origin :Nanjing

Delivery time :Two weeks after payment

Supply capacity :1000 units/month

1. Power: ~ 220v±22V 50HZ±1Hz
2. Volume: 214mm × 260mm × 143mm.
3. Input power: 50VA
4. Repeatability: CV≤10%
5. Principle:Immunochromatographic Methodology
6. LIS system: Support ASTM and HL7
7. Weight: 2.0kg
8. Incubating time: 5-15 minutes
9. Temperature range: 10~30℃
10. Relative humidity: ≤80%
11. Atmospheric pressure: 70 ~ 106kpa

Near Patient Testing Device Rapid Test Reader Immunoassay Analyzer:

Product Show:


poct analyzer

Intended Use

The immunofluorescence quantitative analyzer is used with our dedicated kit for immunofluorescence test of human serum,plasma,whole blood and body fluid. It can be used in medical institutes’ centralab,emergency laboratory,clinical department,other medical services,(Like community medical centre),physical examination center and research laboratory.

According to Directive 98/79/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 October 1998 on in vitro diagnostic medical devices, our device belongs to others.


Principle of the Instrument

The principle of chromatography is a kind of separation technologies based on using physical property differences from components in mixture. (Such as adsorption force, molecular size and shape, molecular polarity and molecular affinity, partition coefficient, etc.) Chromatography system consists of stationary phase and mobile phase. The stationary phase is solid substance or components fixed on solid substance while the mobile phase refers to the flowing materials, such as water or various solvents.

Chromatography process: when to-be-separated mixture goes through the stationary phasewith the mobile phase, due to the differences between the physical properties of various components in the mixture. Components that have weaker interaction with the stationary phase have the faster velocity because of the smaller blocking effect while components that have stronger interaction with the stationary phase have the slower velocity because of the larger blocking effect. In that case, components in mixture are separated.

Immune chromatography technology is a new immune test technology based on the chromatography and the specificity immune response of antigen and antibody.

Immune chromatography technology uses strip-shaped fibrous chromatography material fixed with test lines and control lines as the stationary phase and test liquid as the mobile phase, and the movement of determinands on the chromatography strips is realized by the capillary effect. Determinands’specific immunoreactions occur at line T while the free substances occur at line C.

point of care analyzer

Commonly-used immunofluorescence chromatography can be divided into competition approach and sandwich assay.Competition approach refers to the process that some kind of antigen in determinands as well as in line T competitively combines with fluorescently labeled antibodies.Sandwich assay is the process of the specifical combination of some kind of antibody (antigen) in determinands and antigen A (antibody A) with fluorescently labeled antigen B (antibody B). Fluorescence quantitative system mainly does analysis and processing on the testing card. Its principle isInsert the testing card into the immunofluorescence quantitative analyzer after reaction, and then the test system of the instrument automatically scans line T and line C to obtain the optical signals. After that, material concentration could be quantitatively calculated by measuring and analyzing the optical signals.

This instrument is based on modern optoelectronic technology and applied in the quantitative analysis of immune fluorescent reagent strips and, more importantly, could detect the related parameters of the human body samples for clinical auxiliary diagnosis.


NRM-FI-1000 Fluorescence Immunoassay Analyzer is a quantitative system which can accurately read and analyze the test results of the Fast Test Kits.  It can  perfectly help doctors  to diagnose  and  divide risk level of cardiovascular diseases,kidney disease,bacteria or virus indection,etc and then accordingly make treatment plans.

Features:Multiple samples incubate at the same time.  

Accurate detection system
1. One incubator can incubate 8 samples simultaneous.
2. Incubators can be underlied together to imcubate more strips.
3. Constant incubation temperature:30ºC.
4. Automatically prompt after incubation , set up time from 5 to30 mins according to different assays.
5. Pipettor:minimum 5ul.
6. One dimensional code distinguishs reagents automatically 
7. Testing times:10s.
8. Sample type: whole blood, serum, plasma and urine.
9. Portable and practical: small, easy to carry and place.


Power condition  

~ 220v±22V 50HZ±1Hz

Input power         






StabilityThe instrument reaches steady state after starting –up and self-check. The relative deviation between the first test result after stability and the result one hour after stability is less than ±10.

Certifications:CE /SGS/ISO13485/RoHS.

Test Cards:


poct analyzer

Inflammation/Infection:PCT (serum), PCT(whole blood),  hs-CRP+CRP

Cardiovascular:cTnI/CK-MB/MYO, NT-proBNP, D-Dimer, cTnI,CK-MB, MYO

Nephropathy:Cys-c, NAGL, B2-MG

Gastrosis:PGI, PGII



Upcoming: Vitamin D, T3/T4/TSH, mALb, β-HCG, SAA, Ferritin

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