Flash Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer
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Flash Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer

Brand :norman

Product origin :zhongdan

Delivery time :Two weeks after payment

Supply capacity :1000 units/per year

Flash Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer
Instrument parameters
Testing speed: 100 samples/ hour
Sample capacity: 36
Reagent capacity: 9
Refrigeration function for samples and reagents
Testing Mode: Batch, STAT, special samples.

Fully Automated Chemiluminescence immunoassay NRM 411

Medical Laboratory Test Equipment Biochemistry Analyzer      

Self-developed antigens and self-manufactured antibodies that ensures minimized intra and inter batch difference.
Upgraded version, independent research and development.Accurate testing result, 
more than 99% correlation with main stream Europe-America products.

Total Assays  

Instrument parameters                                                 

Testing speed: 100 samples/ hour

Sample capacity: 36

Reagent capacity: 9

Refrigeration function for samples and reagents

Testing Mode: Batch, STAT, special samples.

Light emitting principle                                                   

Non-enzymatic chemiluminescence, long reagent stable time

Acridinium ester as the marker, stable performance, without any light source, 

eliminating the influence of other factors.

Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) and hydrogen peroxide(H2O2 ) are excitation substrate.

Structure of NORMAN Automated CLIA System            

Medical Laboratory Test Equipment Biochemistry Analyzer

01.  Cuvette loading zone

252cuvettes can be loaded one time and replaced at any time during testing.
Memorize numbers and location of cuvettes.

02.  Reagent zone and sample zone
Reagent zone:
Power supply independent, magnetic beads levitation systems, refrigeration system is loadedin reagent area to keep reagent stable, the radio frequency identification technology is  adopted in kit information (calibration curve, time of validity, sample type).
Sample zone
Sample information can be entered manually or scanning recognition
Three testing mode:
Batch, STAT, special sample test
Sample editing mode:
Hospital LIS System
Manual editing
Automatically software generating

03.  Sampling needle
Automatic level detection,stirring mixing system,sampling needle made of titanium alloy material has good anti-collision function, single needle loads reagents, samples and magnetic beads. Inside and outside wall cleaning, on outer wall of needle is coated by Teflon, high polish,ensure cross-infection does not exceed 10-5

04.  04.Incubation zone
36.5±0.5ºC constant temperature incubation.
Incubation abnormity warning, magnetic separation components (independent magnetic separation).

05.  Manipulator (exclusive design)
Mechanical grip: grab sample tube, avoid empty or partial catch.
Detection rod:automatic detection of sample tube,evaluate whether sample tube is located accurately.

06.  Card reader
Automatic identification of reagent Kit (type, curve, reagent position), no need manual code scanning.

07.  Magnetic separation components
Magnetic separation device closely combines with sample tube, 


01.  Power:

02.  AC220±22V 50±1Hz

03.  Input power:

04.  500VA

05.  Repeatability:

06.  CV≤5%

07.  Linear:

08.  linear correlation   coefficient   (r)≥0.99

09.  Volume:

10.  1180mm×770mm×785mm

11.  Weight:

12.  150.0kg

13.  Use:

14.  Indoor

15.  Temperature range:

16.  10~30ºC

17.  Relative humidity:

18.  ≤70%

19.  Atmospheric pressure:

20.  85~106kpa


Specification of main reagents                                               



Principle of measurement                                                    

Automated chemiluminescence assay consists of two parts, automatic reaction system and  chemiluminescent assay system.  Automated  reaction  system  is the process to  indirect specifically bind the luminescent markers to the solid phase carrier through incubation and magnetic separation method. Chemiluminescence assay system is the process that when luminescent markers move from the acidic environment suddenly to the alkaline environment, oxidized by the hydrogen peroxide then it emits photons with maximum wavelength 430nm,
which is then captured by the photomultiplier.

Installation Requirements                                                                

Installation environment requirements

1.Only for indoor installation and use.The installation environment shall be free of dust,mechanical vibration, or heavy noise, or power interference, with good ventilation.

2.Place the instrument on a solid and level table,   the table carrying capacity shall be no less  than 150kg (weight of the instrument)

3.For easy maintenance,leave some space around the instrument,which is easy to connect a variety of other components, also good for instrument cooling;

4.The instrument shall be far away from strong magnetic  fields, strong electric field, water source, corrosive fluids; do not expose to strong direct light,  do not place near heat source. It is prohibitedto use the instrument near strong radiation source; otherwise it may interfere with normal operation of the instrument.

Power Requirements

1.Power supply: AC220 ± 22V, frequency 50 ± 1Hz;
2.Rated power: 500VA;
3.Fuse sizes: F6A 250V, 5 * 20mm;
4.The instrument requires a properly grounded electrical outlet to provide the required power,do not
use non-own power line;
5.The power outlet location shall allow sufficient space to facilitate plugging and unplugging the power line,
 do not put the analyzer in a location difficult to disconnect power.
Temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure requirements

1. Work Ambient temperature: 10~30ºC, it is recommended to install air-conditioning;
2. Relative humidity ≤70%.
3. Atmospheric pressure: 85~106kpa.

Package and Delivery          

Medical Laboratory Test Equipment Biochemistry Analyzer

Medical Laboratory Test Equipment Biochemistry Analyzer

About us                                                                     
Nanjing Norman Biological Technology Co.,Ltd is dedicated to R&D and manufacturing of Immunofluorescence and automated chemiluminescence system. Founded in  2008, Norman biological has been upholding the idea that  R&D shapes future,concentration determines success.Now there are over 100 R&D engineers,40% of which hold a PhD or master's degree.



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